The Proof Cover is Here!

My proofs are here! It was, unsurprisingly, a pretty emotional moment - so much work and time and love distilled into this beautiful object I could hold at last. It felt both surreal and very real. So here it is, in all of its spot-UV, gold lettering, embossed-label glory! I couldn't be more thrilled with it - the Picador design team have done a phenomenal job. I love the use of the bell jar - it links all of the themes together so well. The idea of display, of museums, of collecting, of stilled movement, of entrapment, of mirroring, of distortion, of history - and then of the sense of things unravelling through the cracks on the bell jar which you see on the back cover. Amazing! This proof has just gone out to a small number of authors and booksellers, and in the coming months will be sent to reviewers and bloggers too. It's very strange to think that writers I admire might read it. The design team are currently working on the final cover - it will be similar to this, but different - more lush and more cluttered (in the best possible way). I can't wait to see it.